Smoke Eaters

A simple way to a smoke-free home

Smoke eaters are a relatively new addition to the world of air purification. They are really more of a hybrid of other models of air purifiers than a unique form of air purification.

Smoke eaters work in several different ways. One method combines the technologies of ultraviolet light and electrostatic purification. Air is circulated past UV lamps, just as it is in ultraviolet light air purifiers. Then, it moves through an electrostatic air cleaner where particles are induced with static electricity and removed from the air.

Alternately, smoke eaters employ simple paper filters to remove smoke particles – most, that is – from the air.

A third method uses an ion filter that creates a static charge, which causes particles to stick to walls and furniture, where they can then be dusted, washed or vacuumed away.

So, which one is right for you? Most people looking for smoke eaters want to remove cigarette and cigar smoke from the air. However, there are other kinds of smoke – industrial smoke that may contain oil residue, for example – and these can require very different considerations. You may have different concerns when it comes to “eating” your smoke: do you want to get rid of the smell? The carcinogenic particles? Every aspect of it?

An important aspect to think about is whether or not the smoke eater vendor is aware of your particular concerns. If you seem to indicate that you are really only interested in getting rid of “that awful smell”, they may only recommend a filter that focuses on masking the odor of the smoke. In some cases, these can be really ineffective at other (more critical) aspects of air purification.

As smoke eaters can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, you want to be sure you are making the right investment. You don't want to spend a couple hundred dollars, for example, only to find that the smoke eater you bought is not nearly as effective as you require.

You can find smoke eaters on the Internet, but it is best to find a dealer who has your interests at heart and understands your particular needs. However, it never hurts to have done your research beforehand so that you know exactly – or at least almost exactly – what you are looking for.

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