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Long life, straightforward operation

Thermo Products, marketed under the name of Thermo Pride, has been in business for around 60 years (since 1946), which is less than most of the major heating, ventilation and cooling companies. Consumer reviews of Thermo Pride furnaces seem to be very good, with few repairs being needed and good warranty coverage offered. Thermo Products claims to pride itself on making furnaces that are "built better to last longer." Indeed, Thermo Pride furnaces seem to have a reliably long life. On the other hand, the company doesn't offer many of the high-tech options that other manufacturers such as Trane and Carrier make available in their high-end furnaces.

Among the more interesting items in the Thermo Pride product offering are its oil furnaces. Although most of the major manufacturers offer oil furnaces with efficiencies only as high as 80 percent, Thermo Pride offers non-condensing, low-maintenance oil-fired units with efficiencies as high as almost 88 percent. Depending on your location and what kind of building you are installing the furnace in, that level of efficiency could make the difference between choosing a natural gas / propane appliance and an oil burner. Always check with your furnace installer for more information - pricing information on specific Thermo Pride units is not readily available.  If Thermo Pride follows the average, it could cost you $3,000 to $5,000 (installed) for one of Thermo Pride's mid-efficiency furnaces.

Thermo Pride offers a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers in all of its furnaces, and five years on all other parts. Better yet, this warranty is easily transferable to the next homeowner if you sell your home.

The bottom line is that Thermo Pride offers a durable, long-lived line of mid-efficiency furnaces and a few high-efficiency ones, but not the level of high-technology comfort options offered by some of the larger manufacturers. The warranty is easily transferable, so if you're considering selling your home in the next few years, a Thermo Pride furnace may be a better choice than a higher-efficiency (and more expensive) furnace from another manufacturer.

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Posted on 9/6/2017 4:39:00 AM
Someone said the units are built like tanks. That's about what they sound like.
Posted on 8/28/2011 10:53:00 AM
Thermo Pride oil furnace installed last Feb. The noise from the blower is enough to drive any normal person crazy. The furnace is loud, but the blower is over the top. I wouldn't be able to sell the house during heating season. It is so bad I am considering just trashing the whole thing and starting over with another brand. My 50 years old furnace was quiet, quiet, quiet. It is not quite as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Everybody who has heard it has lots to say about it and it is all bad.
Posted on 8/28/2011 10:50:00 AM
Ignitor went, have to wait 4 days for one as none are available. They should be made to take a more universal ignitor. I'm in New England and it's very cold and frozen pipes are a concern.
Posted on 2/12/2011 3:17:00 PM
I would like to know the price of Model #OL5-85
Posted on 2/12/2011 8:10:00 AM
I have had only headaches with the ThermoPride furnace/AC since we had it installed 5 years ago
Posted on 1/10/2011 3:10:00 PM
I'd like a price quote for a OL16-125 and the OL20-151
Posted on 11/24/2010 9:48:00 AM
we just had a thermo pride 95% energy propane installed on Sept 21, and 5 days later, we turned on the heat, as the temptature dropped, and the furnace heat WOULD NOT COME On. we paiod 2600.00 for this unit, and are still waiting folr the service man to call. would not recommened. DON'T BUY.
Posted on 9/25/2010 11:28:00 AM
I have a Thermo Pride furnace that was installed new in 1977. It is still heating my home today. The efficiency rating is currently 81.1 During the 33 years of operation I have replaced the start relay twice and the blower motor once in 2005. The fuel pump has been replaced once (due to lack of service by the oil company during annual maintenance. They did not clean the filter screen in the pump.) I would recommend a Thermo Pride to anyone looking for a new furnace. These units are built like tanks!
Posted on 1/13/2010 6:29:00 PM