Types of Satellite Radio Receivers

Which one should you get?

If you've decided to listen to satellite radio, then you probably want to listen to it everywhere! Satellite radio receivers are so versatile that they come in many different options for the discerning consumer.

Maybe you bought satellite radio as something to listen to at home, or maybe you want to while away a long commute by listening in the car. Or perhaps you're a runner and you want something hand-held that stores your mp3 files and gets a live signal from the satellites above. Whatever you want, there's an option for you!

There are three different categories of satellite radio receivers:

Each give you a variety of ways to listen that range in cost depending on your needs. Home satellite radio receivers tend to work through your home entertainment system as a component. You can also get stand-alone or connect and play radio receivers to use at home with internal or external antennae. Each satellite radio option for the home tries its best to fit in with your home décor and provide stylish aesthetics while giving you all the content from space.

Car receivers do just that - they work in your car. You'll need a tuner to pick up your signal and then depending on your situation (whether or not you have a provider-ready radio already built into your dash) you can connect and play or grab a universal tuner and a car kit and easily mount satellite radio right on your dash.

A portable option will allow you to hold your satellite radio right in the palm of your hand as you run or spend time with friends or on a plane or train. Some have mp3 player options and some don't, but all have great storage so that you have music wherever you go, all the time.

It's up to you which one you choose, but don't forget to check out all the great accessories that go along with each digital radio option. Sometimes you can combine uses of one satellite radio receiver with a home or car kit, so check it out and do your research!

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