Neway Karaoke

Hong Kong's ultimate sing-a-long

Neway Karaoke is one of the most fashionable Karaoke boxes in Hong Kong. Most consumer reviews rate it second to Red Box Karaoke in service, food and song selection, but it's a popular lunch spot because it offers the use of a room for free for three hours if you order lunch from the restaurant. It can also be easier to get a room at Neway when you compare it to the commonly found wait list at Red Box. You'll find a lot of business lunches going on at Neway!

The Karaoke Box

Neway is organized in the popular Karaoke box style that is most commonly found in Asian Karaoke bars. You won't find anything as elaborate in the United States! The rooms at Neway are quite large, although there are smaller rooms to accommodate a more private group.

The Competition

Besides service, food and song selection, there are several other areas where Neway Karaoke is found second to Red Box. The technology at Neway isn't as advanced and it can be more difficult and time consuming to get the songs you've requested to play on your screen. There are also fewer English songs available at Neway, so Red Box tends to be more popular with tourists. Consumer ratings vote the Red Box experience easier and more satisfying than what you'll find at Neway.

The one area where Neway comes out ahead of Red Box is the microphones. There are more available per room so that you can have duet or group performances. The microphones are also of a higher quality and the sound projection is better for the performer - and as any dedicated Karaoke performer knows, the microphone can make your song!

The Neway Experience

While Neway may come in second place when compared to Red Box, it's still an incredibly popular entertainment spot that comes highly recommended in traveler guides. The fact that more people go to Red Box may make Neway an attractive choice because you're more apt to be able to reserve the time frame that you're looking for. You're also more likely to be able to get into Neway Karaoke without a reservation.

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