Paintball Clothing and Camouflage

How to protect and hide yourself on the paintball field

If you really want to get into the spirit of things when playing paintball, you should dress the part. Not only does the right type of clothing make you look like a real soldier, but it can also protect your skin from stinging paintballs.

It's a good idea to wear long, baggy pants and loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts when playing, and you may even want to consider wearing gloves - as long as they don't hamper your gun handling. This will protect you from speeding paintballs and it will also let you roll around, slide and crouch - without scraping up your body. Remember, you need to make sure your clothing fits properly as these maneuvers will be hard to negotiate if you're wearing skin-tight jeans and skin-bearing shirts...etc. Your chances for surviving should increase with loose clothing, as it's hard for a paintball to break and mark you if it hits a baggy piece of cloth. Make sure the clothes aren't too baggy though, as it's just as hard to move around if you're clothes are too big.

If it's not too hot outside, you may want to wear a couple of layers of clothes for extra protection. Long johns and a long-sleeved undershirt or t-shirt should do the trick. Try to wear clothing that doesn't have any hard surfaces - such as zippers, plastic logos and buttons, as these could become snagged on branches. Paintballs also break more easily when they hit a hard surface.

Make sure you don't forget a good pair of boots or shoes. You'll need good traction on all the types of terrain. The footwear should be sturdy, comfortable and flexible all at the same time. Make sure you wear boots that can handle the weather conditions. If it's pouring rain outside, or there's two feet of snow on the ground, don't go out there wearing sneakers - wear waterproof boots. In fact, that goes for all of your clothing. It's important that you dress for the weather conditions on the field, in the arena or on the paintball park grounds. That includes a hat in the winter - remember you lose most of your body heat through your head. If you're going to get wet playing, you should take along extra clothes to change into after the game.

If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, you need to make sure your clothing blends in with the terrain and playing field. So wearing a hot pink outfit in the snow isn't going to cut it. Try to camouflage yourself and equipment so you're harder to see. And don't forget your shoes. A bright pair of white running shoes isn't a good idea if you're dressed in dark clothing. You can usually create your own camouflage suit at home from your old clothes, but if all you own are Armani suits, you can buy various types of camouflage suits at your local paintball store, or discount paintball outlets.

Most serious paintball players like to make sure they're well protected. For instance it's pretty common to see people wearing extra items - such as padded vests, elbow pads, knee pads, shin pads, and athletic cups. Some women also like to wear cushioned bras for added comfort and protection.

Pro paintball teams and many top tournament teams will wear team jerseys with their names and numbers on the back, and their team logo on the front.

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