Paintball Grenades and Mines

When paintball pellets just aren't enough to fight the enemy

In some styles of paintball, grenades and land mines are used to make the action more like the real thing. They're not allowed in tournament play, but you can often find paint grenades and paint mines being used in various types of recreational and scenario paintball. Although these types of ammunition sound pretty powerful, they don't actually explode. The reasoning behind this is for safety and insurance purposes.

Grenades more or less work the same way as water balloons. A common type of grenade is a rubber tube that's filled with paint and then folded in half. When the grenade is thrown and subsequently lands, the lid of the tube that kept it folded will come off. The pressure that is placed on the paint by the tube will then splatter paint over a wide area - hopefully marking more than one opponent, and eliminating them.

The range of paintball grenades may vary, but most of them are good for shooting the paint from about 15 to 20 feet. They are available in different shapes, colors, designs and sizes. Most grenades cost about five dollars each. Once you've thrown the grenade, you better hope it goes off, or your opponents can pick it up and toss it back at you. Paintball grenades are only good for one splattering, as they aren't refillable.

There are also several types of paint land mines available to eliminate players. These are a little different than grenades, because you don't have to throw them. This type of weaponry is designed to spray paint over a large area when it is triggered by opponents who walk past it. The way these land mines work, and the methods they use for spraying paint and triggering the mine, may vary from brand to brand. Paintball mines are also made out of a variety of materials, and they come in assorted shapes and sizes.

Some mines can cost about $50, but are refillable and can be used over and over again. Many mines contain explosion tubes that are powered by CO2 and have adjustable spray patterns. Some models are designed to be dug into the ground, while others can be placed on top of the surface. Most of them make a loud bang when they go off and some of them also let off smoke in addition to paint.

Paintball grenades and mines are safe to use. And while you may find yourself soaked in paint, don't worry - its non toxic and it easily washes off. Grenades and mines are a great way to incorporate guerilla warfare into your paintball game.

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