Paintball Accessories

Those extra items that make the game easier - and more fun!

The main ingredients for a paintball game include your gun, air supply, face mask, paintballs, and your clothing. However there are various accessories you can use to make the game easier to play - and more fun! Some of these accessories may also give you an advantage over your opponents.

The handiest paintball accessory items include:

Hopper - A hopper is a device that feeds paintballs into your marker. A 200-shot hopper is fine if your gun's rate of fire is 12 bps (balls per second) or less. If you have a faster marker, you'll need an electronic hopper.

Squeegee - This is used to clean dirt out of your gun barrel, which may often be a broken paintball. Most squeegees are rubber discs that are attached to the end of a plastic rod. The rubber end is inserted sideways into the barrel, pushed to the bottom and then taken out at a 90 degree angle - so that the rubber cleans the inner barrel. For guns with an open breech or removable bolt, you may need a cable squeegee, which has the rubber disc attached to the end of a cable that is pulled through the gun to clean it.

Battle Swab - This is often used in speedball for quick cleaning It's basically a stick with soft, absorbent fur on it. You insert it into the barrel to clean any dirt and paint away.

Pods - These are stiff plastic tubes that are used to hold paintballs in. They come in various sizes, but the most popular pod holds about 140 paintballs. Some pods that only carry about a dozen pellets are often called tubes.

Drop Forward - This device is also called a cradle and it allows an air tank to be mounted lower and more frontward than in a bottomline setup. A drop forward makes the gun setup more compact, allowing you to get closer to your gun and use your sites more easily. A drop forward can also help to balance the weight, especially with heavier tanks.

Harnesses - A harness, or pack, is carried with players as it holds pods full of paintballs. A harness is valuable as it allows you to keep a supply of ammunition with you - without having to use a huge hopper attached to your gun. A lot of harnesses contain pouches to hold your tank when using a remote setup. Harnesses for woodsball (paintball in wooded areas) often come with pouches for maps, radios, and hydration packs.

Remote Line - This is a cable or tube that attaches between the gun and the air tank. It's designed to give you more mobility and freedom of movement while handling your gun. If your remote line is hit by a paintball, you are considered eliminated.

Batteries - Make sure you have spares with you for your gun and hopper.

Mask Lens - It's a good idea to have a backup, so you don't have to wait if your lens cracks. A cracked lens will put you at a serious disadvantage during a game.

O-Rings & Cupseals - These gun parts are small and easy to break. They're also quick and easy to replace, so you should have spares with you.

Gun Oil - If you have to oil your gun regularly, you should take some oil with you.

Barrel Plug - These are also called barrel socks, sleeves and condoms as they cover the barrel. They're mandatory at just about every commercial paintball park, and are used to prevent injury if you accidentally shoot your gun off.

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