How to Store Paintballs

Keep your ammunition dry and cool

If you don't store your paintballs properly, they won't perform well. Basically, uncared-for pellets may end up breaking in your barrel, or bouncing off your opponents without actually breaking and eliminating them. Extreme temperature conditions and humidity can also affect your paintball's performance, as the heat and humidity can make them soft and sticky, causing them to become deformed. To keep your paintballs in good working order, you should keep them dry, cool and off the ground.

If your paintballs are bouncing a lot, you may want to store them in the fridge for up to an hour before playing, as the air in the refrigerator is cool and dry. Between games you should store your pod packs, loaders and hopper in an air-conditioned car if possible, or in an insulated cooler, and refill your loaders just before the game starts. Make sure you don't use ice bags or ice blocks in the cooler, as they may leak and ruin the pellets. Sealed plastic ice packs are the best way to keep pellets in a cooler.

It's important to keep your paintballs working properly in cold temperatures. You will need to keep them dry air, as they can get very brittle if they're kept too cold. If the pellets become brittle, there's a good chance they'll break in the carton, loader, hopper or barrel. If it's cold outside, try to keep your pellets warm between games by leaving them in the car, and refill your loaders just before playing. You should also keep your paintballs sealed in their bag so they don't dry out.

If the paintballs are contracting because they're too cold, you may have to change the size of your barrel to keep them from rolling out. If your paintballs become frozen, you might as well throw them away. When paintballs freeze you might see dimples form on them. In fact, if your paintballs become deformed in any way, they're basically useless to you. The same goes for any balls that you drop on the ground. When paintballs get soiled there's a good chance they will break in your barrel.

The best thing to do is to try to buy the right amount of paintballs each time out. That way you won't have too many left over, and won't need to store them. This could be difficult to predict though, and it's obviously better to have too many paintballs on hand than not enough.

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