The World of Paintball

Learn the ins and outs of the game

The idea behind paintball is pretty simple. You try to eliminate your opponents by shooting them with paint pellets or by marking them with the paint from more advanced weapons - such as paint grenades and paint mines. It sounds simple enough - so gather a few friends and head out to the nearest woods for a game and a great time. However, if you're a more serious and competitive player you'll soon realize there's quite a lot to learn to become a paintball expert.

To become knowledgeable in paintball you need to learn about all of the safety issues [Paintball Safety] and rules along with paintball strategies and tactics. And if you want to know what "eating paint, dead man walking, and condom" mean it's a good idea to learn the paintball lingo that's spoken on and off the field by consulting our Paintball Glossary.

Paintball safety is pretty self-explanatory really, as it deals in various ways of keeping players from injuring themselves and others during play. Paintball strategies are designed to give you some tips on not only how to play the game, but how to play it successfully by surviving (or not being hit by a pellet). Not everybody can be as swift as General Patton, but if you have a method to your madness, come up with a strategy to avoid being hit - and take a few opponents out in the process.

Our How to be a Sniper page, will give you some tips on sharp shooting, and the kind of weapon you should be arming yourself with. The sniper is one of the most vital roles on a paintball team. A good sniper can lead you to victory; while a poor sniper pick can leave your team utterly destroyed.

Paintball videos can give you insight into the different types of games out there. Studying a video can also help you create your own team tactics to take out your opponents, before you even hit the field.

Enjoy the World of Paintball. May it arm you with the tools you need to make your next game a victory!

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