Pot Filler Faucets

Offering the convenience of a tap over the stove

Variations of styles and faucet uses are endless. A well designed faucet adds a touch of class to any kitchen and can help in the flow of the overall décor of the room. But faucets must also be conveniently located.

For cooks who must fill large pots of water, transporting kettles and pots from the stove to the sink can be a tedious job. Installing a pot filler faucet on the wall behind the stove is an easy and practical solution.

Pot filler faucets are normally connected to the main cold water supply on the wall behind or near the stove. Other styles can be mounted on kitchen islands when wall mounting is not an option.

Newer versions of the pot filler have a handle mounted on the wall and another on the spout. This safety feature has been incorporated to eliminate reaching over a hot burner to turn off the water.

The swing out pot filler has a single arm that reaches out from the wall approximately 15 inches and is generally used for one set of burners. This type of faucet offers practicality if you only plan to fill the occasional pot or kettle on the stove, but its limited reach can be a drawback.

Unlike the swing out pot filler, so-called double jointed faucets have a double jointed spout that extends between 18 and 24 inches to reach both front and back burners. The faucet folds in on itself allowing for greater flexibility and easy storage. Placement of the faucet near the center of the stove offers the best flexibility.

Other pot fillers have an incorporated flexible stainless steel spray that offers the option of filling pots located at a distance from the main faucet. They can, however, get caught on pot handles.

When installing a pot filler, it is good to keep in mind the height of the tallest pot that will be filled. A height of 20 to 24 inches above the cooking surface is recommended.

Like regular kitchen faucets, pot filler faucets are available in a variety of styles and materials. The most common materials used in their construction are stainless steel and plated chrome; however, you can find matches for existing faucets in your kitchen.

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